Trinity Antiques is the oldest antique store in any capital city of Australia, and owner Trevor is a rare gem.


From its humble beginnings 37 years ago, Trinity Antiques has a distinguished history of supplying the greatest number of pieces of Australian historical jewellery to the National Gallery, National Museum, National Library, Parliament House, and many of the state galleries.


Trevor believes his background in economics intertwines beautifully with antiques. His reasoning behind this is because one of the best bulwarks against financial ruin is to invest in decent assets; jewellery being one of the best assets you can invest in.


Trinity Arcade and Trinity Antiques are a match made in heaven. As Perth’s historic core, the beauty of the arcade and the beautiful items in Trevor’s store complement each other.


Trevor’s heart is betrothed to early Australian colonial antiquities due to their rarity and increasing demand. Australian colonial pieces are items made in Australia pre-1900’s and are typically silverware, jewellery, furniture, and paintings.


His knowledge is extensive and Trevor has stories for days. From the Gold Rush and Elizabeth Taylor, to the infamous Lola Montez, a mistress to several European noblemen. She would perform her Spider Dance while miners showered her with gold nuggets as she lifted her skirt up higher. After being condemned for debauchery by the local Ballarat newspaper, Montez marched into the newsroom with a bull whip and demanded to see the editor. Legend has it she gave him a whipping in front of the entire staff.


Trevor is one of a kind just like his store, the history it holds and the stories he tells.




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Bound by Hay Street Mall and St Georges Terrace, our heritage arcade is home to bespoke retail. Some of the Trinity Arcade retailers have been with us for decades and form the rich fabric of Trinity Arcade. Along with a modern mix of retailers, Discover Trinity and it's modern heritage. 



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