Meaning ‘lovely’ in Spanish, Amorosa is a homage to her husband’s Colombian heritage. Sarah has been designing, creating and selling her unique jewellery in Trinity Arcade for over three and a half years. 


Andean jewellery is at the heart of her collection. Born out of the Andes Mountains in her husband’s homeland, the jewellery is all handmade. In a world of mass production there is something truly unique about that.


Sarah’s story is one of travel, love, laughter, adventure, and following your heart. That very spirit and passion combined with a nurturing of the planet are the genesis of her business. Her diverse career in beauty, travel, design and retail have all stemmed from the early years spent with her mother. Her mother was a dressmaker, and Sarah would often accompany her on trips to the fabric store. This experience shaped her creativity and personal style which is now expressed through Amorosa.


The development of the jewellery was to meet a gap in the market for all natural, handmade and fair-trade products. Sarah believes in the power of product provenance and its ability to uplift spirits and connect people through humanity and a common cause. Her jewellery design is playful and expressive. Sarah enjoys the entire creative process, working with the artisans that produce her pieces along with her customers to create something truly unique.


Colour plays a big part of Sarah’s life and is embodied in the jewellery she designs, the store and her beautiful smile that lights up a room when she talks about her passion. Sarah hopes to make a difference in the world one design at a time.



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Bound by Hay Street Mall and St Georges Terrace, our heritage arcade is home to bespoke retail. Some of the Trinity Arcade retailers have been with us for decades and form the rich fabric of Trinity Arcade. Along with a modern mix of retailers, Discover Trinity and it's modern heritage. 



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