DISCOVER Hair By Frank Barbarich

A rich history combined with an encyclopedic memory of Perth would best describe Frank Barbarich. Frank started out at age 16 spending time by a triangle sign at his father’s barber shop, located where Forrest Place now stands. As an apprentice, he spent many hours gazing out the store window watching the world go by, as well as the odd lovely lady or two. One such lady has been his wife for 49 years, whom he chased down the street. Now that’s love at first sight!

It’s stories like these that make you feel a part of Frank’s family as he experienced the complete tapestry of life, all from behind his barber’s chair. His career spans more than 50 years with Frank having cut the hair of top cops, politicians, attorney generals, judges, celebrities and men from all walks of life. To him, they are all the same once they sit in his chair.

Since 1985, Hair by Frank Barbarich has called Trinity Arcade home. The long-time barber fondly recalls the early years of Perth retail; the crazy eighties when Perth was known as the Wild West, the coming and going of hairdressing license requirements, hairstyle trends and of course the scandalous gossip.

Frank’s fondest career highlight is the thirty apprentices he has shaped, mentored and formed long lasting bonds with. Like an extended family, they are sometimes called the ‘Frank Barbarich Alumni’. Cavan Donohoe is one such alumni and now runs the Trinity Arcade shop. It is a unique relationship and you can see the deep connection they have, albeit with a side of healthy ribbing.

We hope the Barbarich family legacy continues with people like Cavan and his team passing on Frank’s stories and creating more of their own to keep weaving that rich Hair by Frank Barbarich tapestry.