Starting with what could only be described as a burger obsession, Johnny worked in the finance industry whilst living in the USA. His tour of duty refined his palate for knowing the difference between what makes a good burger, and what makes a great burger. In his opinion it comes down to the following criteria: bun thickness, meat consistency, salad, type of cheese and finally, condiment ratio.

Upon returning to Australia, Johnny set about honing his burger craft whilst owning and working in his own construction business. After six months of trial and error, Johnny served up his first burgers in 2015 and saw them sell out on the first night. Johnny then made the bold decision to sell up and focus solely on his love for burgers, and so Meet & Bun was born.

The ability for a burger to unite friends and family was the reason behind the name. Common ground found over a mutual love of the patty.

Meet & Bun has gained religious-like status locally with one customer returning daily since August 2016 for his regular double burger fix. The Meet & Bun family continues to grow from strength to strength.

Johnny’s food passion comes from his Macedonian heritage and he finds his Zen behind the grill. When he’s not grilling, Johnny’s favourite food to cook is Italian with its simple and fresh flavours.